Who We Are


This organisation was established in 1919 in the city of Kansas by Dad Frank Sherman Land. The first group of this program consisted of 9 young man who played on a baseball team along with their coach. The name DeMolay was originally for young men who lost their fathers in World War 1 and needed a father figure in their life.

The organisation got its name from Jacques DeMolay who was the last grand master of the Knights Templar. The emblem currently used by DeMolay International was designed by the founder himself Dad Frank S. Land in 1949.

The most significant part of the emblem are it's ten rupees placed around the perimeter of the logo. These rubies are meant to represent the original ten members of the first groupe. Formerly the emblem had ten white precious stones which were later replaced by rubies.

99 Years

of Experience


The Kings Peak Court of Chevaliers is an appendant body operating in Utah DeMolay. The court caters to all the chevaliers living within the jurisdictions of the state of Utah. The chevalier is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon an active DeMolay making it desirable by every individual. The court also meets on November 8 of each year to pay tribute to the founder of the order of DeMolay Dad Frank S. Land.


This is another honor in the order of DeMolay. The honor is split into two categories which are Active and Honorary. The Active Legion of Honour is usually bestowed upon a senior DeMolay who has demonstrated outstanding service towards the humanity.

Whereas the Honorary Legion of Honour can be bestowed upon Master Mason who has demonstrated outstanding service to the humanity. The organisation meets each year on March 18th to namesake the order of DeMolay, Jacques DeMolay who gave up his life rather than betraying his brothers and country.